The Online English Teacher is responsible for delivering the best online English instruction using technology, our curriculum, and your creativity and ambition. This position is ideal for individuals who are looking for a main or side hustle to pay the bills or to get some extra spending money.


YiYiEnglish is an e-learning company with offices in Beijing, Chung Chun, and New York City. We’re building the best English learning platform and service in the world – no compromises.

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Your Mission

Be the teacher that your students will remember years later. We’ve all had that one extra special teacher that made a lasting impact on your education or career years down the road. We want our teachers to strive for this kind of impact.

  • Embrace the mentor role of an English Teacher: go beyond what is on the slides and expand topics. Impart not only the English language, but also the culture.
  • Use our curriculum as guidelines. We encourage our teachers to expand on ideas and topics to create a more engaging and impactful lesson.
  • Most of our teachers work with an exclusive group of students they’ve fostered within a month. Transcend beyond being simply a teacher. Connect with your students on a more personal level.
  • You are responsible and organized. Since this is a remote position, it is imperative that you are punctual and prepared for lessons.
  • Passion. Our most successful teachers are passionate about their work. They love to see the progress and growth of their students.

Your Skills

  • Ability to speak English at an idiomatic level.
  • Excited about technology and the role it plays in education.
  • Friendly, energetic, and cordial.
  • Teaching experience is preferred, but not required. (Our definition of “teaching” is broad!)
  • Very responsible and organized.
  • Access to camera, mic, and high-speed internet.

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